Kenneth J. Filmer – Filmmaker and Film Programmer

Kenneth Filmer is a filmmaker, film programmer, creative director and educator located in New York City.

He is the co-founder of the production company and screening collective KHLOARIS. KHLOARIS has worked on projects with Mike Diana, Dame Darcy, Dylan Mars Greenberg and Royal Trux.

He created, programs, and hosts Color Giants, an annual festival of experimental and underground animation, and comic-related cinema.

As an independent producer, he’s produced projects with underground film maven Nick Zedd, music luminary Patti LaBelle, food personalities including Emeril Lagasse and G. Garvin, corporate and political spots like Microsoft’s “Musicology 101” featuring Common, and the Sunrise Movement’s “Iowa’s Green New Deal 2030,” and feature films like Ghost Team starring Jon Heder and Amy Sedaris, Troma Entertainment’s latest opus #ShakespearesSh*tStorm, and the critically acclaimed 2021 feature The Surrogate.